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 American Intelligence for Truth and Justice works within the US infrastructure to combat terrorism by accessing its risk factors, domestic or foreign, delivering truth of its activities to the American public. Countering the endangerment of the American public's health by accessing its risk factors and deterring the public away from those risks whether it is terrorist related, disaster news and promoting the necessary for preparation for possible future attacks/disasters.

Also, counteracting the elements of domestic violence, child endangerment, and eliminating societal risk factors through education and Justice. Whil
e deterring and eliminating the elements that form un-healthy societies by promoting healthy environments.y.

We have to be alert, decisive and practical about the actual society in which we live today.  It is easy to live within our own communities in which we have created our own environments and live happily, safe and prosperous.  It can also be dangerous as it can leads us to a sense of false security that prevents us from realizing the real dangers in our society as a whole.  Especially, with the immigrants (illegals) in which we have no information (history) on,  terrorist threats and the constant daily child/adult abductions that occur in our nation.  Be safe, Be prepared, Get protected,

       Do you really know who you are trusting?  Often we think we do but it can also be tricky as we are adaptable to behavior and ignorance when those things get in the way of meeting a particular need or if we are unable to cope with the idea of such things we might pretend it will go away on its own.  But can we really afford to place ourselves and our loved ones at risk?  Placing them into the hands of those who have been given access to our home,  children or yes even our partner?  Often we think our gut  or instinctive feelings are enough to protect our most precious assets and loved ones.  Many times it is but it is also yesteryears  tthinking for todays world, sometimes it just isn't enough anymore. 


        In today's society we have the influences that can and will tempt the strongest of our good intentions.  Let's face it things happen, sometimes because we choose them and sometimes not.  Anyone can fall prey to the temptations that bombard our environment on a daily basis.  All it really takes is the entertaining of the thought longer than we intended to think about it to trap us in places we should not be.  A little courisity here or there and wham......we are stuck in situations not always easy to get away from.  There is also those who delibrately look for a prey to feed their lusts or evil desires.  That is what they do 24/7 and when they find them they move in for the taking, manipulating anyone and everything in the path to their goal.  With a good manipulator it is not hard to get taken in and used or worse, abused or your child abused, kidnapped and worse.  Where we have to be concerned is the  predator that intend to bring harm, or the  one that may not intend to cause hurt to another but only because they never intend to get caught not because we resist all temptations and are good little fellows and gals.    

       The truth is that many especially today.....are not faithful, are addicted to porn regardless of the age of the players and are full of enough darkness and anger that we become different people and no longer are able to control our desires.  At My Guardian Protection we are concerned for you and your family.  Not only can you find the truth, find peace of mind or shake loose someone who is using us and exposing us to the damgerous elements that run rampant within the streets of our society.  That break our hearts while we fight hard to buid relationships that would last and mean something.  That use us as fools and victimize us as an outlet to release damgerous fits of rage. 

       It has become necessary that each of us especially caretakers and parents take the responsibility of knowing the truth and not just assuming or blindly trusting in the elements of our environmental influences.  We need to take that extra step and really try to know what is seeking us out or already have us in their sights.  We pray for the perfect one and many men and women are good and worthy of our trust.  However, the truth is that predators are growing in number each and every day, their find and victimize easy prey to feed that growing hunger within them.  Don't be that next prey.  Don't allow your child to become their next prey.  Victimization brings destruction, broken hearts and loss of trust to  itndividual and the communities in which we live.   It does not have to be that way by taking the time and effort to know who you are trusting before they have the opportunity to destroy lives and maybe even kill them.  Know the truth or at least find out all you can and make the attempt to protect yourself, your loved one and your assets. 

       While it is true that most times things work out just fine.  Most people are not out to bring hurt to others.  It is that percentage that does not work out, the percentage that we do not know that danger is coming that destroys our lives or worse the lives of our loved ones.  Victimization can and does destroy a life from the inside out.  It is something one may not get over and others may take years to regain your peace, your life, your self back again.  For children it can drive them into things that will assure devestation for them and for your relationship with them.  Don't take the chance, 99% of it can be avoided, take the time, make the effort and know who you are trusting before they show you that you cannot trust them.

       Remember,  pedators are educated and have learned every manipulation known to man and beyond into the dark abyss of evil intent.  Their ability to capture and to prey upon their victims depends upon their ability to manuver and to manipulate even the best of us.  


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The origin of all civil government, justly established, must be a voluntary compact, between the rulers and the ruled; and must be liable to such limitations, as are necessary for the security of the absolute rights of the latter; for what original title can any man or set of men have, to govern others, except their own consent? To usurp dominion over a people, in their own despite, or to grasp at a more extensive power than they are willing to entrust, is to violate that law of nature, which gives every man a right to his personal liberty; and can, therefore, confer no obligation to obedience.


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